Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Garlands Prezzie

With Christmas fast approaching I've been too busy to work on any new kits but I have put together this little freebie of assorted Christmas garlands for you all. I hope you enjoy them!

You can download the free kit HERE

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mosaic Glitter Tile Tutorial

This tutorial requires a good working knowledge of Paintshop Pro and was created using Paintshop Pro Photo XI, but should work with earlier versions as well.

Filters needed:

Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Classic Mosaic and Constellation
Simple Filters, Quick Tile

Okay, let's go!

1. Open a new image, 300 x 300 pixels in size with a transparent background and floodfill with your choice of colour.

2. Go to Adjust>Add/Remove Noise>Add Noise at 10% with both Uniform and Monochrome selected.

3. Got to Effects>Plug Ins>Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Classic Mosaic using the following settings:

make sure to use a colour slightly darker than the colour that you initially started this tutorial with.

4. Go to Effects>Plug Ins>Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation using the following settings:

5. Go to Effects>Plug Ins>Simple>Quick Tile and apply.

6. Save your finished tile as a jpg and you are done! This tile will be suitable for seamless background.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A New Award!

I'm very fortunate to have some great people out there! I've been fortunate enough to receive this award from two very talented individuals. Jay from Heartbeatz Creationz and Sue over at Sue31 Did It Tutorials. Traditionally those who receive this award pass it on to others who have not yet, but my gals have all received this. Thanks so much to you both for passing it my way *hugs*

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let It Snow Mini Kit

Here's a new freebie mini kit that I have designed to compliment the new Let It Snow tagger's kit. You can download the kit in my section over at Heartbeatz Creationz HERE or at The Creativity Box HERE. I hope you like it!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let It Snow

This new kit is now for sale in my section of Heartbeatz Creationz HERE or at The Creativity Box HERE. This is another tagger sized kit featuring 14 papers, 9 ribbons, 6 frames, 4 bows and 21 various other elements are for personal use only. 3 elements of which are hand-drawn by me.

Better late than Never!

Seems that little ol' me has neglected to inform everyone of a great collaboration kit put together by the great designers over at Heavenly Taggerz. The collab was put together with Thanksgiving in mind and is titled Gobble Gobble. My previous post regarding my past sale was made suing elements from my contribution to the massive collaboration and can be purchase over at Heavenly Taggerz. Just enter the store and have a look for the Collaboration kit link on the left!

Tag N Scrapz gets a new look!

Hi everyone! Over the weekend you'll probably notice that things look slightly different in here. Please bear with me as I try to get all the original bits back into place. One thing I have learned from all of this is that modifying a blogger template and playing with CSS can be quite a bit of work when you're a perfectionist like me! Well, I hope you like the new winter look and hopefully I'll have a new kit up and offered soon :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sue Did It!

Featuring my newest kit Katz, which you can purchase over at Heavenly Taggerz. Thanks Sue, the tag and tutorial are lovely!