Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hard at work

I'm very sorry for the sudden silence. I have not forgotten creating, just the opposite. I seem to have done what I am famous for.....multi-tasking way too much. I seem to be int he middle of creating two kits at once. This evening though it has hit me that this is not such a smart idea. So while tonight I have nothing to share or show, I do promise that by tomorrow night I'll have a little something for everyone. Thanks for checking up and sorry for disappearing act.

And the part that I'm really excited about....a good friend of mine has been sweet enough to aware me with an award.

Debz of A Little of everythinghas given me this award. The downside however of having the same blogging and tagging friends however is that I'm left with no others, as they've already received it!
So I strongly urge you to check out the blinkies on the right, as they all deserve this *hugs*